Special Tips from the Champ Mike Tyson

Dear Player:

Becoming boxing's Heavyweight Champion of the World was the greatest challenge of my life - one that required a great amount of discipline and philosophies that enabled me to grasp the confidence and strength needed to attain such a goal. I would like to share these with you so that you may benefit from them in your personal life encounters.

"Never be intemidated by someone regardless of appearance."

Insecurities make us feel intimidated. We see someone bigger than us, and we immediately feel at a disadvantage. Or we hear someone who speaks in a harsh tone of voice. We should not allow a person's size or attitude to inhibit us in any way. We should stand up for what we believe.

"Nobody is born the best. Practice and training makes you the best."

We are all born with certain abilities - but these abilities need to be fostered. To be the best is a goal that you must work towards.

"Never become angry - it will inhibit your ability."

Anger affects performance. It causes a lack in concentration which inevitably leads to default. Anger is never positive and, therefore, never results in positive outcome.

"Don't quit."

Quiting is for those who are not serious about their goals. If you give up trying, you will never achieve your goal. Life is full of eager people who try to succeed at everything they do. What all these people have in common is that they never quit.

Much Success,
Mike Tyson
World Heavyweight Champion