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Wii Mr Sandman Tip

April 24, 2010
I got a tip on how to beat him, submitted by Jacob. Thanks.

Design Tweaks

April 3, 2010
Made some tweaks to the design, so the site isn't as dark. Cleaned up the homepage and added some more Wii codes.

Wii Boxing Tips Added

March 3, 2010
A user (Dylan) submitted a bunch of Wii Tips for all the boxing characters except Mr. Sandman. Enjoy!

SNES Punch Out Tips Complete

June 19, 2009
I have all the boxing tips for each boxer for the Super NES game Super Punch Out. Enjoy!

Punch Out Wii Update Again

June 2, 2009
I've added 15 screenshots for the Wii Punch-Out!! game. I've also added 4 more SNES boxing tips. I'll try to have all the SNES boxers with tips soon.

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