Bob Charlie : SNES

Super Punch-Out!! - SNES

Bob CharlieBob Charlie
from: Jamaica
age: 26
weight: 140
record: 24-13
Major Ciruit #3

People who can't feel the rhythm are so lost. Do you have the rhythm.

Bob Charlie


This guy was definately a twist on the reggae legend Bob Marley. He also reminds me of Jimi Hendrix with the bandana he wears. His shuck and jive move isn't that hard at all to get down. He will also step back and go "whoo whoo".

Boxing TipsSuper Nintendo Bob Charlie

Like Piston Hurricane, Bob Charlie likes to use fancy footwork. He bobs right, sets up, then throws left and right punches as well as a big uppercut. Your best moves to counter are to dodge left or right and punch back.

Check the position of Bob's jaw as he throws one of his uppercut punches. It looks like a prime place for you to applay powerful punches! Counter punches play an extremely important role from here on out.

When Bob's corner tells him to shuck 'n' jive, Bob turns up the heat. He throws a few different punches. You have to be quick with your blocks and dodges.

When Bob moves to the back of the ring and crouches down, you can bet that he's going to come at you with one of his best moves: a spinning roundhouse uppercut. Just as Bob's timing has to be right on for him to land it, your timing must be exact to counter it. Dodge to the side when he swings around for the final time.

Quick KO

Bob's pretty easy to KO! Start off with seven left jabs. He'll stagger back and lose his balance. If you hit him with a Super Uppercut just as he comes back toward you, he'll hit the mat. When he comes back for more, throw two big Super Hooks. Lights out, Bob Charlie! Good Night.

Nintendo Power, Vol.69 January 1995