Dragon Chan : SNES

Super Punch-Out!! - SNES

Dragon ChanDragon Chan
from: Hong Kong
age: 22
weight: 130
record: 15-7
Major Ciruit #2

You will find yourself face down... When you wake up.

Dragon Chan


Most people probably won't remember him from the arcade, but he made a comeback just like all the other characters from the second arcade game.

Boxing TipsSuper Nintendo Dragon Chan

As a general rule, counter punching against Dragon Chan works wonders. If you can hit him at the right time, he won't be able to block your punching raids.

From Chan's corner comes a message telling him to heal himself. Reacting to it, Chan takes a short break to "recharge" his energy level. You can put a stop to it with a well-placed blow to his chin.

One of Chan's most potent attacks is a triple kick. What you need to do to counter this move is to dodge left or right and then paste him with a body blow after he misses with the third kick.

Chan can hop on top of the ropes and fly across the ring. He's agile! As he approaches you, he may deliver a high-impact kick to your face. Duck to avoid being kicked, then deliver a body blow when he stops.

Quick KO

Open with a left jab and deliver a right jab to counter Chan's punch. Follow this combo with two right body blows. Offer up another right jab to counter, then apply two right body blows again. Next comes a left body blow to counter his punch, then a right body blow followed by a Super Hook. When he gets up, he will either begin a series of kicks or try to heal himself. Deliver a Super Uppercut before he has a chance to heal. Excellent timing with his last punch is crucial!

Nintendo Power, Vol.69 January 1995