Heike Kagero : SNES

Super Punch-Out!! - SNES

Heike KageroHeike Kagero
from: Japan
age: 19
weight: 120
record: 14-8
World Ciruit #2

Be gentle with me, please. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hooo!

Heike Kagero


Nintendo Power once stated that this guy is kind of a "pansy" (they may have used the word "fairy" I can't remember exactly). I'm really not sure what's up with this character though. Part of me wonders if Nintendo thought about trying to make a female fighter but decided not to. I've never understood what the high painted pink eyebrows are for. But it is interesting his whole outfit is in feminine colors. Anyway, dodging his hair attacks is very hard, at least the first one he does. He also does a horizontal scrolling dance where its hard to hit him.

Boxing TipsSuper Nintendo Heike Kagero

You may think that Kagero is going to throw a single jab, but no. He can throw several. Another move he likes is to throw a left jab and follow it with a right hook. Try to get a jab in between his punches.

Kagero gives a clue when he's going to do the Hair Whip. He holds his gloves a certain way. His hair whips around twice. Dodge left on first whip, then duck on second. Deliver a jab or Super Uppercut at this point.

Kagero flashes and moves left and right ultra-fast. When he stops, deliver a body blow before he can punch you.

After the Mirage Dance, Kagero hops left, right, delivers a 3-jab combo, then comes in with a right hook.

Immediately after Kagero gets up off the canvas, he'll throw a right hook. Look for it, dodge to the left, then come back with a left jab to his face.

Quick KO

Open with six left jabs and then a right jab to counter. Your Power Meter should be full at this time. Deliver a Super Hook and follow it with another Super Hook when he comes into position. This knocks him into the back turnbuckle and down to the floor. When he gets up, he will start to throw an uppercut. Counter it with a left body blow. At this point, he'll be stunned. Throw a Super Hook, then wait for his right hook and counter it with a left body blow. While he's stunned again, throw a right body blow and then a Super Hook to knock him down. When he gets up, throw a left body blow and a Super Hook to finish him off.

Nintendo Power, Vol.69 January 1995