Mr Sandman : SNES

Super Punch-Out!! - SNES

Mr SandmanMr Sandman
from: USA
age: 28
weight: 230
record: 29-3
Major Ciruit Champion

Had your goodnight kiss? 'Cause I'm about to put you down for the night.

Mr Sandman


It wouldn't be a Punch-Out!! game without the original champ.

Boxing TipsSuper Nintendo Mr Sandman

Mr. Sandman has a "classic" boxing style. He doesn't really throw any "sucker" punches, but he will try to fool you by changing his timing. One of his favorite things to do is turn his body and pause briefly before throwing a big hook.

Mr. Sandman's uppercut move is huge! It's pretty fast, but he does pause a bit when he crouches. If you dodge and make him miss, you'll see his big chin just hanging out there, waiting for you to blast it with a jab.

If you find yourself gaining the upper hand (or glove) in a match with Mr. Sandman, you'll see that his corner man is telling him to get with the program. One of his best moves at this point is to throw a triple uppercut combination. He unloads with a left, right, left combination of jaw-busting punches. Dodge appropriately to the right, left and right to make him miss with all three.

Strong Arm move is fast and devastating. Mr. Sandman has put many unsuspecting challengers down with this move. He throws two "light" left jabs and follows with a monster right jab. You can block the first two by holding your gloves up, but you have to duck out of the way of the third.

Quick KO

Begin the bout with two left jabs, then follow with a right jab. Next, land two more left jabs. Counter with a right jab, one left jab, then a Super Hook. Deliver a Super Uppercut as he comes toward you to put him down. When he gets up, apply two left jabs, then one right jab to counter, then another Super Hook to knock him down again. "Give 'em full power, Champ," will come from his corner. Counter his punch with a left jab, then give him a right body blow followed by a Super Hook. Dodge his Midnight Sleeper move and then nail him with two right body blows and a Super Hook to finish him off!

Nintendo Power, Vol.69 January 1995