Super Punch-Out!! : Arcade

Arcade (1984)


I never knew Nintendo had made a sequel to my favorite arcade, until about a couple of years ago. I was in a movie theatre outside of town and happened to see Punch-Out but then noticed there were new boxers. What's interesting is that Nintendo released this the same year that the original was released. I'm not sure how far apart their time releases were though. I take it the original sold very well, although I don't have any numbers to support that.

One thing for sure is that Super Punch-Out is harder and bizarre. Each fighter has a unique way of fighting. There are only five boxers in this version and the "green boxer" ends up getting a new hairdo.

Super Punch-Out!! flyer Super Punch-Out!! flyer Super Punch-Out!! flyer Super Punch-Out!! flyer

Take On The Champ

Another Knockout Game from Nintendo

Get Ready for round two of rocking, socking excitement as five of the world's toughest fighters come to the ring in the all new Super Punch-Out!!

  • Take on up-and-coming champions like Bear Hugger, the brawny Canadian bruiser with the deadly arm crush. Or the mighty Dragon Chand and his whirlwind kicks.
  • Meet Your mach against Russia's massive Vodka Drunkenski, India's cunning Great Tiger or America's hammer punch king, Super Macho Man.
  • Only a knockout before the clock runs out will keep you in the ring to challenge the next contender. Stick and move. Keep your guard up! Dodge that punch. Now duck that swing!
  • The joystick and push buttons control your moves while the dual screens and live action commentary put you in the center of the action at the greatest bout of all time.
  • Step into the ring with Nintendo's newest champ - Super Punch-Out!! It's another knockout game that's sure to add some punch to your profits.

Super Punch-Out!! is available in a dedicated version or as a Nintendo Pak for the original Punch-Out!! game.

Width: 24-4/5 inches
Depth: 35-2/5 inches
Height: 74-2/5 inches
Weight: 287 lbs.