Aran Ryan : Wii

Punch-Out!! - Wii

Aran RyanAran Ryan
from: Dublin, Ireland
age: 23
height: 6'1"
weight: 160 lbs.
World Circuit & World S Circuit


He still sports the mullet, but at least he got rid of the 90's styled shaved sides. He is the only character in the Wii game that first appeared in the SNES Super Punch-Out game.

Boxing Tips

When the match starts, Ryan will hit his head to the right of the screen, he's going to pucnch you! But wait? When he comes in, you can throw a right jab and then you can start a 7 hit combo. Same situation for when he punches from right in front of you. When he comes in from the left (uppercut) you can throw a left hook, and get a star. Once you knock him down once, he'll put his foot up on the ropes and head-butt you! Once his foot leaves the rope, you need to block! He will stand back, dazed, and you can get a star.

Submitted by Dylan