Piston Hurricane

Punch-Out!! - Arcade

Piston HurricanePiston Hurricane
176 pounds
World Video Boxing Association Ranked Number 7


He reminds me of the Apollo Creed character from the Rocky movie and Nintendo may have based it on him. Although Apollo Creed was from the US. His special move is definately one you'll remember. He basically attacks low, then high and repeats it for quite some time. His name Hurricane goes along well with him being from Cuba.

Boxing Tips

When he goes up and says "Come On, Come On" that is your cue that his hurricane is coming. As soon as he comes down give him a bodyblow and he fly to the mat. If for some reason you mess this up, he will have a pattern or doing a head punch and a body blow punch, so you'll have to block high and block low and repeat that until he is done. Arcade Screenshot Piston Hurricane