Punch Out

Wii (2009)

Recover Between Rounds: You can press "1" on the Wii remote between round two to regain some energy; However, you can only do this once.

Recover When Enemy Down: If you knock an opponent down, tap the "1" and "2" buttons, swing the the remote and nunchuk up and down to regain some energy.

Headgear: If you lose 100 times in the single player mode, you will unlock the headgear.

Champion's Mode: If you win 10 bouts in Mac's Last Stand, you will unlock the Champion's mode.

Boxer Audio Gallery: Complete the three challenges in exhibition mode on any character and you will unlock their audio gallery.

Boxer Introduction Gallery: View each boxer's introduction as you play through the game and you will unlock it in the gallery.

Donkey Kong Exhibition: Fight Donkey Kong in Last Stand mode, and you will unlock him in the Exhibition mode.

Super Punch Out

Super Nintendo Entertainment System - SNES (1994)

Duck: Press down twice

Enter your name in Japanese: Highlight New Game on the main menu and press A and X (Only works if you have a save game slot available).

Special Circuit: You must have a lossless record in the Minor, Major and World Circuits.

Sound Test: When the Nintendo logo appears, hold L and R on Controller 2. You can then listen to the sound effects and music with Controller 1.

Regain Energy: When your opponent is knocked down start pressing all the buttons on your control (except Select and Start).

Special Ending Scenes: Beat the Special Circuit without losing and you'll see new ending scenes.

Game Genie Codes

Code Description
C2A4 DFD4 Infinite energy from most punches
D9AD DDA4 Both fighters gain max energy after making a hit
C2AB DFDF Some special attacks don't hurt as much
CB34 AD07
F834 AD67
3C34 ADA7
(enter all 3 codes)
Always have K.O. punch after first hit
C9E3 64DD Infinite match time
DDB7 0704 No rematches
D1B7 0704 Start with 5 rematches
DBB7 0704 Start with 8 rematches
C2B8 64A5 Infinite rematches
DFAB AFDD Most opponents stay down for the count
49BC 6F6F Both players start with half energy
DFBC 6F6F Both players start with very little energy
D48A D7D1
3C8A D701
(enter all 3 codes)
Start on world circuit

Mike Tyson's Punch Out / Punch Out

Nintendo Entertainment System - NES (1987 / 1990)

Super Speed Punches: After you dodge a punch, move and hold the control pad in the opposite direction that you dodged. Then counter-punch, your counter-punch will be much faster than normal.

Get All Strength Back: After bing knocked down, if you get up on the count of nine, you will regain all of your stamina.

Regain energy: Once per fight (in between rounds, when Mac and Doc Louis talk) you can press Select to regain some more energy before the next round.

Difficult Fight: For a more difficult fight, press the A and B buttons after a match has ended. Keep holding the buttons until the next match has begun. Your character's power level should diminish when the bell sounds.

Difficult Fight (method 2): Hold Select and Down before the first match to lose half your energy. This code only works on matches after you beat the first Bald Bull or after using the 777 807 3454 (World Circuit) password, and only before the first match. You cannot use the Select to regain energy in round two or three if you use this code.

Fight Password
Mike Tyson / Mr Dream 007 373 5963
Super Macho Man 239 010 7738
World Circuit 777 807 3454
Major Circuit 005 737 5423
Piston Honda (second appearance - World Circuit) 032 730 8442
Play a "busy signal" sound effect
(this was Nintendo's Customer Service phone number)
800 422 2602
Busy Signal 1 075 541 6113
Busy Signal 2 206 882 2040

To access the Another World Circuit, enter the password 135 792 4680 then press A, B and Select at the same time.

To view the credits, enter the password 106 113 0120 then press A, B and Select at the same time.

Game Genie Codes

Code Description
AAVETLGE One Punch Knockout
AZVETLGA Deliver combo hits without opponent reacting
KVKAAGLA Hold Select between rounds to restore stamina
GZKETGST Never lose hearts
ALNEVPEY Never lose stars
SZVAAOIV Take less damage
SVALPAX Take even less damage
AGUELIGA Energy replenishment
SZSELPAX No energy replenishment for opponent
AAVETLGA Normal punches do more damage
STNAPUIV Stunned punches do less damage