Don Flamenco : NES

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - NES

Don FlamencoDon Flamenco
22 wins 3 losses 9 KO
Madrid, Spain
age: 23
weight: 152
Major Circuit - Ranked #3


Well Nintendo had to reuse the skinny body type of Glass Joe, and I supposed it would be a good idea to have a dancer fit that role. You will face him a second time later on in the game, where he is a better opponent.

Boxing Tips

The first time you meet Don, get him to throw his Flamenco Punch, dodge it, then hit him with a continuous series of left-right punches, throwing them until Don drops.

And for whatever reason he likes Referee Mario's hair, perhaps because he loses part of his own hair, as you will see if you go more than 1 round with him. NES Screenshot Don Flamenco