Great Tiger : NES

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - NES

Great TigerGreat Tiger
24 wins 5 losses 3 KO
Bombay, India
age: 29
weight: 132
Major Circuit - Ranked #1


The only time he is really hard is if you accidently forget to block or mess up in doing so during his magic spin. Its not too hard to end up going three rounds with this guy, sometimes I do it just for fun.

Boxing Tips

The jewel in his turban will blink before he is going to attack. Punch him in the face and dodge, repeat this until he starts doing uppercuts. When he starts doing uppercuts do a bodyblow from the opposite side and you will get a easy star. He will alternate his uppercuts from both sides so you can get stars easily, but remember you can only have a maximum of three stars, so use them on him and build up some more. Eventually he will get tired of this and go for his mirage move and spin around the ring, block your face after each spin and he will become dizzy and be open for attack. Hopefully you still have a star you can use while he is dizzy. NES Screenshot Great Tiger