King Hippo : NES

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - NES

King HippoKing Hippo - Tropical Chief
18 wins 9 losses 18 KO
Hippo Island, South Pacific
age: ??
weight: ???
Major Circuit - Ranked #2


This guy was a real pain when I first fought him. Of course all Doc Louis tells you is to join the Nintendo Fun Club. Although eventually Doc will tell you something useful, like how you need to shut up his big mouth.

Boxing Tips

You can knock him out with a body blow, if you can make him drop his guard. Doing so is pretty easy, whenever he opens his big mouth to punch you, punch him in the face. He will then end up dropping his shorts and you can punch him in his stomach. Once he is down he will stay down.NES Screenshot King Hippo