Mike Tyson : NES

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - NES

Mike TysonMike Tyson - Kid Dynomite
31 wins 0 losses 27 KO
Catskill, New York
age: 21
weight: 220
World Champion

"Defeat all your opponents, and Challenge Mike Tyson in the Dream Fight!!"

NOTE: These stats are from September 1, 1987. Also known as Iron Mike Tyson.


Mike Tyson was once respected and on top of the boxing world. It was a no brainer for Nintendo to make a deal with the seemingly unbeatable young champion. The game included some Special Tips from the Champ Mike Tyson, which is a interesting read now days with all that has happened in his life.

Boxing Tips

You can help yourself out a great deal by knocking out Tyson's ability to use his Dynamite Punch. Just don't let him land one in the first minute and a half of the round. Then, start landing as many strategic counter blows as you can to wear him down and gradually earn points toward your victory. The decision is yours once you hit 5,000 points. NES Screenshot Mike Tyson

When Tyson winks, he is about to throw a straight punch. It's not his strongest one, but you may lose the game by a TKO if you underestimate him. During the bout, Tyson may blink both eyes. This means that a flurry of straight punches are coming up. Be on guard.

Nintendo Power, Vol.1 July/August 1988