Piston Honda : NES

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - NES

Piston HondaPiston Honda
26 wins 1 losses 18 KO
Tokyo, Japan
age: 28
weight: 174
Minor Circuit - Champion


I sometimes wonder if Nintendo wanted to bring back Piston Hurricane instead of Honda. He always has kind of reminded me of Elvis with the long sideburns. You'll end up facing him twice in the game. A visitor has told me the japanese characters on Piston Honda's headband in the NES version translate to "Nippon Ichi!" which means "Japan's best". "Nihon" (the first two characters on the headband, "Japan", pronounced as Nippon in this case) and "Ichi" (the dash looking characters, which means "one").

Boxing Tips

He is your first real challenge in the game. When he says "Come On" and comes down punch him in the face, or else he will do his kamikaze attack on you. He will wiggle his eyebrows when he is about to attack.The second time you fight him (in the World Circuit) punch him in the stomach when he says "Come On" and he won't get back up. NES Screenshot Piston Honda