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Arcade (1984)

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Punch-Out!! was definately inspired by the Rocky movies which were quite popular around this time period. Its the one arcade I played more than any other. One little slip up seems to make all the difference in the game and sometimes I'm suprised how I wasnt able to get passed Piston Hurricane on a bad streak. The controls are pretty simple you get left and right face punches, body blows, and a uppercut or right cross. Both power up punches do the same damage and work the same speed as far as I can tell. The arcade also featured a synthesized voice over which was pretty good when it was released, it helped get you into the game a little more. It also had two screens on top of each other. This wasn't the first time (nor the last) Nintendo used two screens, they had made some Game & Watch Devices that had two screens and later on with the Nintendo DS. It really made sense to use two monitors though, because this gave you one monitor with nothing but the boxing action. The top screen was just for stats and the counter.

Out of all the arcades games I've played over the years, this one was probably my favorite of all times. Its kind of hard to find one of these still around, but if you do, drop in a quarter or two and enjoy.

Punch-Out!! flyer Punch-Out!! flyer Punch-Out!! flyer Punch-Out!! flyer

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The Champ!! from Nintendo

As close to the ring as you can get without going through the ropes.

A Knockout Game from Nintendo

Fight your way to the championship title against the World Video Boxing Association's top ranked contenders. Meet masters of the glove from around the globe...like the up and coming Glass Joe or gutsy Bald Bull.

Only a knockout before the clock runs out will keep you in the running for a chance at the Champ himself, the mighty Mr. Sandman. Defeat him and the title is yours - for as long as you can defend it!

It's the fight of the century and Nintendo puts you in the middle of the action against six of the meanest, toughest boxers of all time.

  • Dual screens and live action commentary add to the excitement.
  • Four-way joy stick lets you dodge and guard. Use the left and right blow buttons to throw head or body blows.
  • Power meter shows your strength building as you punch opponent. Gof for a knockout with a hook or uppercut when the meter flashes "Knockout".
  • Status meter shows who has the advantage. Build your lead. Wear your opponent down. Then throw a knockout punch.
  • Game over when you are knocked out or time count reaches zero.
  • WVBA Hall of Fame registry logs top player performance.

Punch-Out!! Another high-earning game from Nintendo.

Width: 24-4/5 inches
Depth: 35-2/5 inches
Height: 74-2/5 inches
Weight: 287 lbs.