Aran Ryan : SNES

Super Punch-Out!! - SNES

Aran RyanAran Ryan
from: Ireland
weight: 160
record: 18-10
World Ciruit #3

Your wimpy little punches won't even faze me.

Aran Ryan


This guy with the rat tail and 90's shaved side hair-do can be a real punk. He borrows a tactic from Pizza Pasta when he does the whole hugging thing. He also will do a similar hurricane attack that Piston Hurricane does. I doubt he has any connection to Samus Aran from Metroid.

Boxing TipsSuper Nintendo Aran Ryan

You can dodge Ryan's jab, but to get the best of him, try to counter it with a jab of your own before he has a chance to throw it. He moves his gloves in a specific pattern before he throws a jab.

St. Pat's Jig

This move can throw your timing off. Ryan moves left and hops back to his right. He then throws a hook. Just dodge his hook and hten come right back with a jab.

After you've been going at it with Ryan for a while, his conrder yells at him to grab you. When this happens, Ryan gives a little head fake, then he comes straight for you and grabs your head. He'll shake you around a bit and throw you to the left. You can shake out of his grasp, but better advise is to dodge it altogether! If you can throw a Super punch, do so to back him off before he grabs you.

Ryan's Irish Cream attack is reminiscent of Piston Hurrican's Piston Punch, except it's much more intense! He'll come at you and throw high/low, left/right jabs and then follow them with a big left uppercut. Block the jabs and sidestep the uppercut.

Quick KO

You'll need precise timing and practice to deliver a Quick KO to Aran Ryan. Begin with two left jabs, hesitate (ever-so-slightly) and deliver two more left jabs. Ryan will sidestep to the left. Quickly apply four left jabs to dizzy him. Give him a Super Hook as he comes around and clutches his gut. He should fall. When he gets up, counter with a right jab then a Super Hook. When he initiates the battle again, he'll momentarily put up his gloves. Just as he does this, deliver another Super Hook to put him back down. When he gets up, a Super Uppercut should do him in.

Nintendo Power, Vol.69 January 1995