Gabby Jay : SNES

Super Punch-Out!! - SNES

Gabby JayGabby Jay
from: France
age: 56
weight: 110
record: 1-99
Minor Ciruit #3

Let me win. I've lost so many times I forget how winning feels.

Gabby Jay


I'm guessing Nintendo had second thoughts about using Glass Joe again. I think they choose not to, to make the game seem a little fresh. Gabby Jay's only win was against Glass Joe. Although Glass Joe's fighting record is the same and he hails from France as well. I guess it is kinda funny to fight an old man though.

Boxing Tips

Super Nintendo Gabby Jay

When you throw rapid punches, it will frustrate Gabby. He'll back up, shout "C'mon, c'mon" and charge in at you. Dodge to the left to avoid his uppercut and then let him have it with all you've got. It's the perfect time to throw a Knockout Punch.

Quick KO

Nail Gabby Jay with five left jabs and then come back with two right jabs. If all of the punches land, they should be enough to max out your Power Meter. Tag Gabby with a Super Uppercut. He'll stagger around. When he comes back into position, lambaste him again with a Super Hook. This combination of punches will send Gabby Jay to the locker room!

Nintendo Power, Vol.69 January 1995