Hoy Quarlow : SNES

Super Punch-Out!! - SNES

Hoy QuarlowHoy Quarlow
from: China
age: 78
weight: 100
record: 62-13
Special Ciruit #2

Please, take it easy on a poor old man won't you?

Hoy Quarlow


Let's see an old man with a walking stick. I'm not sure what Nintendo was thinking but perhaps they wanted to have an old kung fu master in the ring.

Boxing Tips

Super Nintendo Hoy Quarlow

When Hoy lifts his stick up to his right, prepare to block. You can fend off three quick, right-stick slaps. Give him an uppercut before he comes back at you from the left.

Hoy Quarlow's forefathers passed this tricky attack move down to him. When he drops down from the top of the screen, he'll swing his stick at you much like a golfer would swing his club. The easiest defense for you is to dodge the stick, but you can get in a jab to counter his move when he has his stick extended. Hoy can repeat this move several times.

You have to duck to avoid Hoy Quarlow's spinning backhand punch. You should counter with a jab to his face while he still has his hand out. It's a quick move, so you have to react fast to it. In fact, if you don't react fast to every one of his moves, you might as well hang up your gloves and turn off your Super NES!

One again, Hoy uses his stick to try to put the hurt on you. He'll raise it and try to hit you high twice and low twice. Block them all and then come back at him with a right jab.

One of the few boxers who'll try to hurt you with a kick, Hoy crouches and delivers a high kick. Dodge it and follow it immediately with a jab, plus whatever else you can throw in.

Quick KO

Only the first knockdown on Hoy is guaranteed with this method. You just need to be able to react to his other moves. It's not easy! Open with two left jabs, hesitate, then deliver another left jab to counter his Triple Stick attack. Next, apply a right body blow to counter a left stick. This should stun him. Give him a left jab, hesitate, land another left jab, then counter his Wheel Kick with a right body blow to stun him again. Now you can smack him with a Super Hook. He should be dizzy at this point. His dizzy spin is similar to Bald Bull's spin. Super Uppercut him when he comes around for a knockdown. When he gets up, he pauses and then throws a low right stick. Throw a left jab to counter the stick and follow it with a Super Hook to knock him down again. At this point, he usually goes into his Ancient Attack. Throw a left jab to counter just as the stick approaches your head. It's extremely difficult to beat him!

Nintendo Power, Vol.69 January 1995