Masked Muscle : SNES

Super Punch-Out!! - SNES

Masked MuscleMasked Muscle
from: Mexico
age: 29
weight: 240
record: 19-5
Major Ciruit #1

You should give up now senor.

Masked Muscle


He is based on the masked wrestlers that are so popular in Mexico. He also does several dirty tactics such as head butting and spitting in your eye.

Boxing TipsSuper Nintendo Masked Muscle

Left/right combos are a Masked Muscle specialty. He's got good uppercut moves, too. Remember to dodge and counter while fighting him.

After Muscle crouches deeply, he will throw a huge uppercut. Dodge to the side when he crouches.

Masked Muscle's corner advises him to spit in your eyes, which partially blinds you for awhile. Duck to avoid it and then unload on him with a body blow.

The best thing to do to stop an onslaught of Muscle's punches is to counter with a punch or punches that take your opponent out of his pattern. If you don't feel very threatened by the power of a certain punch, you can just block it, depending on where it's thrown. Block high and low against Masked Muscle's combo.

When you see Masked Muscle rear back, he's bound to launch at you with a cheap shot head butt. It's a bit difficult to time your dodge move correctly, but if he misses with the head butt, you can land a body blow.

Quick KO

Open with four left jabs, then apply a right body blow to counter Masked Muscle's left hook. Next, throw two left jabs, then a Super Hook. He falls and quickly returns to his feet. As he is falling, you should be throwing another Super Hook. This will knock him to the canvas. When he gets up again, throw a Super Uppercut and follow it immediately with a Super Hook.

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