Piston Hurricane : SNES

Super Punch-Out!! - SNES

Piston HurricanePiston Hurricane
from: Cuba
age: 25
weight: 170
record: 21-10
Minor Ciruit #1

Can you ride out the storm or be caught in my "Hurricane Rush"?

Piston Hurricane


Pison Hurricane finally returns to the Punch-Out!! series after being avoided on the NES. He also sports an updated hair cut.

Boxing TipsSuper Nintendo Piston Hurricane

Piston backs off and then moves in from your right. He throws a barrage of high and low punches that you have to block. When he pauses, move out of the way because he'll throw a huge uppercut. By this time, he'll be tired so lay into him with all you've got!

Quick KO

Putting Piston Hurricane on the canvas is actually easier than you may think. However, your timing must be dead-on if you want to score a Quick KO. Begin by hitting Piston with eight left jabs. He'll go into his "bob and weave" reoutine. Hit him with a Super Hook just as he comes out of this evasive maneuver. It may take some practice to get the timing just right.

Nintendo Power, Vol.69 January 1995