Rick Bruiser : SNES

Super Punch-Out!! - SNES

Rick BruiserRick Bruiser
from: ? ? ?
age: ??
weight: 210
record: 41-1
Special Ciruit #1

My brother may be Champ, but only 'cause I let him win. Really I am the best!

Rick Bruiser


Not sure if Nintendo made their legs so angular on purpose, it makes him seem like a robot or something. He looks like his brother, only he smiles and has a earring.

Boxing Tips

Super Nintendo Rick Bruiser

Boxing brutes, the Brothers Bruiser don't play by the rules. After you hit Rick in the face, he can come back at you with a very strong jab. He doesn't even take time to set it up. It's just "right back at you!"


If you get nailed by this move, no matter how much energy you have, you will be hit the canvas. Guaranteed. When Rick lands, the ring will shake. Dodge to the left to avoid getting lambasted by an uppercut.

If you find that you glove has turned red, you arm has been disabled by a strong Bruiser Brother attack. You won't be able to punch with it for about ten seconds.

With a little head bob, Rick throws a left cross, a right jab and then a left uppercut. It all happens so fast!

Quick KO

Throw a left jab to open and counter his left jab with a right. Dodge the next punch and throw two left jabs. Let him have a right jab to counter his left jab and then two left jabs while he's stunned. Follow with a left body blow to counter his right hook and then give him a Super Hook while he's stunned. He should be dizzy, so let him have a Super Hook for a knockdown. Next, throw a opening left jab, dodge his punch and then blast him with a right body blow and Super Uppercut for the second knockdown. Finally, slap him with a left jab, a right body blow and a Super Hook.

Nintendo Power, Vol.69 January 1995