Super Macho Man : SNES

Super Punch-Out!! - SNES

Super Macho ManSuper Macho Man
from: U.S.A
age: 28
weight: 230
record: 29-3
World Ciruit Champion

Make sure to stand clear while I pose for my fans.

Fighting hurts my gorgeous body, but trashing wimps makes it all worthwhile.

Super Macho Man


Hollywood's favorite muscular tanned gray haired boxer.

Boxing Tips

Super Nintendo Super Macho Man

Machoman incorporates deep knee bends into his uppercut move. He pauses slightly as he crouches. At this point, you can deliver a left body blow to mess up his routine.

Some of Super Machoman's moves appear to have no meaning or use. That's not the case with this combo. Block his low punch, block his high jab, then dodge his left uppercut.

Machoman's Exercise Program C involves three successive uppercuts. He rips them off quickly, but you can dodge each one by moving to the left. After he finishes, land a left jab!

Super Spin Punch

This is Machoman's most famous move! He can spin around many times in a row. You just have to duck. He'll be more vulnerable when he stops.

Quick KO

Deliver a left jab to open the fight and follow it with a right jab to counter his left. To put him down for the first time, score two left jabs, one right jab, two left jabs, a left body blow and then two Super Uppercuts. When he gets up, throw a left body blow to counter his right hook, then dish out two more right body blows while he is stunned. To knock him down a second time, counter his left hook with a right body blow and then serve up a Super Uppercut. When he gets up this time, he goes into a spin-punch move. Duck to avoid the spins, then counter with a jab and Super Uppercut to take him out.

Nintendo Power, Vol.69 January 1995