Super Punch-Out!! : SNES

Super Nintendo Entertainment System - SNES (1994)


This is a great game. The controls and movements seem very arcade like and make more sense. Although if you played any other Punch-Out games before, it may seem a little repetitious in that you see many of the same old boxers with slightly modified boxing patterns.

Super Punch-Out!! Box Super Punch-Out!! Box Back Super Punch-Out!! Cartridge

The mega-selling sports series is a knockout on the Super NES!

Slug your way through the grueling and sweat-pounding matches of the Minor, Major and World Circuits. Dodge bone-bruising punches and dance to the top of the supreme Special Circuit.

Face off against old favorites including Bear Hugger, Piston Hurricane, Bald Bull, Mr. Sandman and Super Macho man plus a cast of new and wierd challengers. With a right hook! Body blow! And precise quick jabs! The referee announces "Knock Out!" Your opponent lies his face down as you win the title of Nintendo Video Boxing Association Champion!

  • The famous arcade classic features innovative updates for the Super NES.
  • Challenge sixteen opponents in the Minor, Major, World and Special Circuits.
  • Up to eight players can store their fastest knockout times., better their score or continue to the top. Battery-backed memory tracks statistics.
  • Spar against favorite foes from the arcade and NES versions as well as new and entertaining opponents.