Mr Sandman : Wii

Punch-Out!! - Wii

Mr SandmanMr Sandman
from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
age: 31
height: 6'5"
weight: 284 lbs.
World Circuit & World S Circuit


It wouldn't be a Punch-Out game without Mr. Sandman.

Boxing Tips

When the fight starts, throw a left jab and he will block it. Throw a right jab to counter his downercut, and do that again to get two stars. Now get the star off and stand still. Use the stars as soon as you have three stars. Next get the star off the downercut then stand stll. When he gets up get the stars off the strong jab and two night nights, then throw the stars immediately. Get a star off the punch he throws (not known). Throw your star punch. Then get the star off the next punch, then dodge the next, then hit him in the face then the stomach until he is knocked down. When he gets up he will say AFRAID..BOO! Use your star when he is about to say BOO!. If you do this correctly he should be TKO'ed.

Submitted by Jacob