Von Kaiser : Wii

Punch-Out!! - Wii

Von KaiserVon Kaiser
from: Berlin, Germany
age: 42
height: 6'0"
weight: 144 lbs.
Minor Circuit & World B Circuit


I'm assuming his fighting gear is remeniscent of a World War I outfit, it would be fitting with his name. Otherwise they would of called him, Von Nazi.

Boxing Tips

(Quick KO method) When Von moves back slightly and does the clicking noise (I don't know what it's called) You can throw a right punch (jab or stomach punch, either one) You can get a star off of it. Do that for 3 punches to get 3 stars, then dodge the click-punch that he throws then punch him ONCE, and when he says "Mammi" Throw the star punch and knock him out!

Submitted by Dylan